Andy ter Borg 

The Hague, Holland - 1964

Andy has been photographing since the mid eighties, his work ranging from portraits to landscapes, fashion, street shots and fine art. His eclectic style often combines elements from various disciplines, fashion with a documentary twist, street photography changing into fine art.  He considers himself an 'in the moment' artist, working intuitively and improvising rather than engaging in an intellectual exercise. 'Style' and 'image language' are alien concepts: using various camera types and formats under many different circumstances force him to not repeat himself as little as possible.

With several exhibits during the late eighties and throughout the nineties he then decided to -also- explore other means of expression (i.e. painting and drawing). Photography on a smaller scale was still present however and In 2016 he decided to pick up photography on a full time basis again, concentrating on  (analogue) fine art.

Andy uses mainly medium format cameras (645, 6x6 and 6x7) but also 35mm and sometimes large format (4x5). The reason for working 'analog' is to keep images as pure as can be: digital captures are often the result of editing and/or filters, resulting in 'images I can no longer call my own.'

Prints are made in his personal darkroom (see 'Prints' in menu for further details).

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